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Game Reviews for
Parents & Caregivers

Are you tired of feeling lost in the world of video games, unsure of which ones are safe for your child? Do you wish there was a guide to navigate the complex maze of settings and controls, tailored specifically for parents like you?

Children playing video games

Imagine this ...

You're standing in front of the towering shelves of video games, each one with different ratings and content. Your child is begging for the latest release, but you can't shake off that nagging feeling of uncertainty.

Am I making the right choice?

Concerned parent

Is it safe and appropriate for my child?

Did you know ...

Age ratings for games are often decided without companies playing the game!


Game raters sometimes miss important details, it's like judging a book by its cover. Children are unique, and age shouldn't define what games they can play. We offer information to help you see beyond the age ratings and decide if a game is right for your child. We'll guide you through the game, settings, parental controls, and provide safety tips for a fun and safe gaming experience for your child. 

Video Game Reviews

Explore our game review database, where each review is based on our firsthand play experience and includes our own age rating tailored to what matters most to parents. Gain insight into your children's video game choices and confidently shape their gaming habits. Discover family-friendly game suggestions and safety advice drawn from our gameplay experiences, ensuring a safe gaming environment for your kids.

Featured Reviews

Discover our top reviews for age-appropriate games, with details on content, features, and parental controls. Get peace of mind as your kids game. See what other parents are searching for and find games that match your family's preferences.

Safety Videos

Delve into our collection of safety videos meticulously designed to walk you through the process of setting up safety features and parental controls. Whether you want to turn off voice chat or control who your kids interact with during their gaming sessions, our comprehensive tutorials have you covered.  

Turn off voice chat

Play offline

Censor mature language

Spending controls

Take back control over your children's gaming experiences to ensure peace of mind by implementing clear boundaries, setting up parental controls, and fostering open communication about gaming habits and responsibilities.

Video game parental control
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