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Cats in Time



Follow your furry companions on a whimsical journey through time in "Cats in Time"! A charming puzzle adventure game where players explore captivating 3D worlds to rescue lost cats. Cats in Time is rated for players aged 4+, however, we think that this is certainly a game for all ages to enjoy especially with its kids friendly mode!


This simple and fun game takes players through different worlds to explore through time travel to go on missions to find lost cats. As you look around each mesmerizing world, from old civilizations to landscapes from the future, you'll find a lot of puzzles that require you to think outside the box. With its relaxing mood, soothing music, and beautiful environments, Cats in Time is more than just a game. It's a peaceful getaway for puzzle-solving and relaxation seekers. Cats in Time is available to play through the Steam app and any related consoles that can access and download from Steam and Apple consoles. So, get ready to get lost in time and meet some interesting cats along the way.



The main idea of Cats in Time is to find the cats! But it’s not that easy! There are plenty of different levels with challenging puzzles to keep anyone of any age busy. The cats are each hidden carefully in a simple 3D scene, and as players progress, they find puzzles that lead to ways to save the cats. The difficulty of these puzzles varies, and you'll need to use logic, imagination, and your ability to notice small details to work out these puzzles. When these puzzles are solved, the player not only moves forward in the game, but they also get closer to seeing the cute cats again! The unlocking system fits in perfectly with the story, giving players a sense of success as they solve each puzzle and save their time-traveling friends. Overall, there are about 30 different levels to keep you busy and it really depends on each individual how long each level will take. It could take you 5 minutes, or it could take your 1 hour to complete a level! The best part is that your progress is saved so no need to worry if you don’t have time to finish, you can come right back to where you left your game. The best part of all is that there’s no time limit so just take it easy like this guy!


Another added level of fun is the Post Cards which you also have to find in each world. This adds another level of detail to the game. These post cards are both collectibles and story elements because they show bits and pieces of the cats' time-traveling adventures. It becomes fun and satisfying to collect post cards, which makes exploring the worlds more in-depth all worth while and improves the overall experience. You can even view your post cards progress on the main title screen and see where all the naughty cats have been travelling!


If you think the puzzles are a bit too challenging, especially for younger players or less experienced gamers, DON’T YOU WORRY! There is a ‘Watch Hint’ system in the menu if you are stuck and this will help guide you to the next cat to rescue. Also, if your child is quite young, there is the ‘Kids Mode’ option which removes the puzzles elements in each level. So then simply, your child will just need to find the cats playing hide and seek instead. This option can only be changed in the main settings menu though and can’t be changed during the play of the levels. You can also restart levels so if you can smash though all the levels on Kids Mode, give it another go with the puzzles activated and see how you go!



The puzzles and challenges in Cats in Time make it a fun way to improve your problem-solving skills. All levels have their own unique look and each one has its own puzzles that need to be carefully thought out and solved. To solve the puzzles that are obstacles to finding the lost cats, players must use both logic and insight to analyze the situation. For example, they may have to figure out cryptic patterns or find a missing piece that needs to be inserted somewhere else to find these cute cats. This constant exposure to problem-solving situations is not only fun, but it also helps develop thinking patterns to break down problems into manageable parts. This improves critical thinking and problem-solving skills that go beyond the game while in a safe and patient setting for kids.


Cats in Time also requires a lot of observational skills. Players must look around each level carefully taking into account the most minor of details. To move forward in the game, players must find subtle clues, hidden objects, and patterns in their surroundings. This makes them more aware of small details and is a great skill to develop at younger ages. Whether it’s, finding a shiny part on the ground, seeing a crack in the wall that can be opened or noticing a number combination, players become more aware of their surroundings. This focus on observation not only helps players do better in games, but it also helps them notice more things in real life, which leads to better attention to detail and a deeper understanding of their surroundings.


Violence/ Adult Themes

Cats in Time stands out because it has no violence or adult themes to be concerned about. Instead, it has a silly and fun animated style that adds to its appeal especially for younger kids. The game is fun and safe for the whole family, so people of all ages can enjoy this cutesy world without the scary bits. The game's main goal is to find and save cute cats who have been lost in time, so there is no violence need to achieve this. It's a fun and safe place to be. The cute cats and playful environments not only make the game more fun, but they also make it feel happy and bright. Because of this, Cats in Time is a great game for people who want to play something fun without the worry of darker themes.


If your child is particularly sensitive to scary themes, please be aware that there is one level that is Halloween themed. This level has darker color's, creepy decorations, and ghostly shadows that add to the mood. Even though the mood has changed, the level is still completely family-friendly, which fits with the general fun tone of the game, but good to be aware of.


Cats in time requires you to pay a one-off fee of around $5-$10. This will give you full access to the game! And best of all, there is no extra content to buy or add onto the game. What you buy is what you get. Also, there is no in-game currency to get. You just need to simply relax and enjoy the game without any worry of your money getting lost in the time travel along with your kids. 



Cats in Time is a solo player adventure, meaning that no one can join in on your game. Although, Cats in Time would be a fantastic game to play with friends in real life if they sat down at one screen and helped each other! Being an offline game, Cats in Time makes sure that kids have a safe and fun gaming experience by removing the risks and interactions that come with shared features. This makes it a safe place for kids to enjoy the fun puzzle-solving adventure without the risk of seeing any other material.

To be safe, though, parents and caregivers should be aware that the game does have a button directly connecting a player to the app Discord if clicked. Discord is a separate text and voice chat app typically used by gamers to communicate. Although it is not very obvious, if you child was to click on it, this would open the Discord app and they could then join a voice or text channel. It will be important to make sure to keep an eye on your kids playing from time to time to make sure that they are gaming safely.  

Tips and Tricks


You remember those Post cards we mentioned earlier? If your kid manages to collect all of them, try taking a closer look at each individual post card on the main menu title screen and see if you can notice anything. Also, isn’t it funny that you can play with the dials on the washing machine in the main title screen? I wonder what that’s for!



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