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Escape Simulator


Escape Simulator is an exciting adventure game where you have to solve tricky problems in themed rooms to escape. Escape Simulator isn't rated for any certain ages at the moment, although we think the game is safe for all ages. The only thing to keep in mind is that the tasks can be pretty difficult for younger players so for the best experience, we suggest that younger children play with an adult helping. If they want to play on their own, we would recommend 7 years or older with the hints turned on for when they are needed. Overall Escape Simulator is a simple and fun game for everyone to enjoy no matter what age. Get ready for an exciting escape adventure with puzzles that will test your imagination, strategy, and brainpower!



The main goal of Escape Simulator is well ... to escape! The game has a lot of different ways to play. You can play alone or multiplayer with up to 10 people. The multiplayer feature adds a social element to escape games by letting players work together to solve tasks or compete against each other in a fun and active virtual world. Escape Simulator keeps players interested by having a lot of themed levels each with its own problems and situations. Escape Simulator also has downloadable content (DLC) added all the time, so the game stays fresh and gives players more levels to try and master. One great thing about the game is the community-made material which can be found in the workshop. Fans of the game and your kids can build and share their own custom rooms, which makes the game more of a challenge for their building and puzzle-creating skills.

Escape Simulator is more than just tasks, players can also customize their characters making the journey more personal and fun! You can customize your character outfit to match the theme of the room you're escaping and add small details to really craft your own player which is just an added level of fun to the game. There are also small tokens that you try to find in each level. These things are hidden VERY discreetly and are really difficult to find but it is another level if challenge for your gameplay.

Each level usually has a timer of between 15 mintues to an hour to escape each level. However, if you don't escape within the hour the game lets you continue to play and the clock will stop at zero. You can also change the level of difficulty in the main menu, so the game can fit the needs of both people who want a relaxing escape and people who want a challenging journey.


Escape Simulator not only offers a fun and entertaining gaming experience but also sneaks in some cool educational aspects too! When you play the game, the tasks and challenges will make you think and use your problem-solving skills to get past tough situations, crack codes, and puzzles. It works your mind in a fun way and helps you get good at thinking quickly on your feet. There are plenty of tricky puzzles that can keep you scratching your head for quite a while and really require you to think outside of the box which is perfect for younger players.


But that's not all. Escape Simulator is a million times more fun with friends. This game is like a boot camp for working together and communicating. In escaping places, you'll quickly learn that everyone needs to work together, share ideas, discuss what they have found, and plan their moves. It's not enough to be smart on your own, you also need to be able to work well with others and communicate clearly. This means that while you're having fun with Escape Simulator, you're also learning great skills that you can use in real life.

Violence/ Adult Themes


Escape Simulator has a cute cartoon style that makes the game fun and enjoyable to play. Players of all ages can enjoy the game because it looks fun and is appropriate for all ages. One thing that makes Escape Simulator stand out is that it actively avoids violent content. This ensures that the game is a safe place for families and young players to enjoy difficult puzzles and scenarios. It's important to know that even though Escape Simulator is a non-violent game, some levels, do have references to bars, smoking, gambling, and alcohol. The characters are not required to drink or smoke anything, but you can see the objects around some of the rooms. While there is little focus on these elements in the game, if you prefer your kid not to see this, then we would suggest avoiding levels such as the Wild West.

Some levels can have skeletons or skulls in the rooms but they do not jump or scare you in any way. They just sit there and remember that they are cartoon-style so this will make it less scary, however might worry some kids. The Graveyard level also has some ghosts that appear so may be scary for younger more sensitive children.




The Escape Simulator base game costs around $15-$25. That's a good deal because you get a bunch of levels to play right from the start. There are also some free DLCs (Downloadable Content) that give you a level to play without having to pay anything extra! If you're hungry for more challenges, you can opt for the paid DLCs which give you a pack of themed levels and bonus customization for your character. Each of these additional DLC packs costs between $5-$10 but if your kid enjoys the game, these are definitely worth getting. The best part is they're always cooking up fresh DLCs, so the fun never really stops. What's great is you don't need any in-game money – just pay for the base game, and if you want some DLCs too, and you're all set to explore and keep the excitement alive in Escape Simulator.




This game is fun to play by yourself or with other people. It has a safe single-player mode where kids can safely play with themselves. There is also a multiplayer option so that they can play with their friends. When someone hosts a game, they get a unique code that they can give to their friends so that they can join the session. You can't play with random people like some games do with a matchmaking system, instead, you can only play with people you've asked through Steam friends or friends you have told the room code to even if they are not on your Steam friends list. We would suggest keeping an eye on your kids' Steam friends list to make sure they only add people they know just in case. The game has text chat and voice chat available. There is a profanity filter in the settings so you can make sure that this is utilized for your kids. Voice chat can be turned off in the settings if you want to keep this line of communication closed, although it does help to have it activated to ensure that they can communicate easily during the game to solve the puzzles.

Another thing to be aware of is that the main menu has a link that will take anyone directly to Discord which is a third-party communication app. Just make sure that they aren’t clicking on this button or using Discord if you are not sure about it or how it works as they could accidentally join someone’s random voice and text channel.

In Escape Simulator, many players in the community create their own games that you can download and play. This is great that the game has such an active community and creates new content all the time for players but be a bit careful when you're exploring games in the community-made workshop. Unlike the main game, these user-made games might not have age ratings or anyone making sure they're appropriate for younger children. So, just keep an eye out and choose wisely.


Tips and Tricks


You'll learn that holding any object and pressing "space" lets you zoom in during the tutorial. It's crucial to check every item in the room, even the most minor ones. Don't undervalue anything, you never know what's hidden in the smallest of details!


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