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Filthy Animals - Heist Simulator


Get ready for a wild gaming experience with Filthy Animals - Heist Simulator! In this game of absolute chaos, players can dive into the silly world of mutant mischief, criminal masterminds, and adventures full of tacos. This game is playable on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and is rated "Everyone 10+" due to its mix of rude humour, fantasy violence, and light language. Even though there are some slightly inappropriate elements throughout the game, we think that a mature seven-year-old could enjoy the crazy charm of the game. Filthy Animals can take around 7 hours to completely finish, but each level can last around between 10-30 minutes depending on how quickly you can get through the level! Filthy Animals is sure to appeal to a wide range of people, as it works on a number of different platforms can be played with friends, and features a fun mix of chaos and humour.


Filthy Animals is a fun mix of strategic heists, action-packed chaos, and clumsiness. The game introduces a wide range of mutant animals, each with its own unique look. You can be a chicken, a monkey, a moose, or an alligator all with their own unique quirky looks. The aim of the game is to complete different levels of heists by collecting money and finishing different objectives. Each level also has bonuses along the way making for a challenging experience. But all is not as simple as it seems! The true challenge of this game is just being able to move... honestly, it's like your character has no bones and you flail around the whole time! While this makes for a lot of laughs, the actual movement in the mechanics can actually be quite frustrating and difficult so be aware it can take a long time to get used to!

The game also has little quirks that add elements of fun like you can drink soda, eat tacos, and other spicy foods that will make your mutant skills stronger and hilarious. These tasty power-ups not only give your character more energy but also give your character a boost to beat tasks and win. As you go on daring heists, each quest gives you a list of goals and secret tasks that help you progress through the levels and add new challenges that make the game more fun and unpredictable. The best part is whether you're playing alone or with up to four friends in 1-4 player co-op mode, everyone has an enjoyable experience.



To be completely honest, there aren't many educational benefits within the game. However, one aspect of the game you should be aware of is that the controls are intentionally made hard to coordinate, which is a surprisingly useful teaching tool. The controls are meant to be "janked," which forces players to change quickly and think on their feet. As players figure out how to use the strange controls, they are forced to solve problems and think critically. This unique part of the game not only makes it more challenging and exciting but also helps build brain flexibility which is a skill that comes in handy in many real-life situations.


Also, the game's chaotic nature and problem-solving make it important to learn to plan ahead. To get past challenges and complete the objectives, players must find their way through the unpredictable by carefully planning their moves and actions. This part of the game encourages strategic thinking because players have to think about what will happen and make good plans to get around in this world. By purposefully adding controls that are hard to manage and adding obstacles, the game becomes more than just a fun experience, it also becomes a way for players to improve their cognitive skills and strategic thinking.


Violence/ Adult Themes

Filthy Animals does contain elements that have some silly adult themes and light violence. During gameplay, you can punch items and other characters, grab weapons to shoot, get run over by cars, and knock out other characters. When you knock out a character, players can drag their unconscious bodies around and throw them at other characters, traffic, or things around the place. While wreaking damage, players can get damaged and their character will let out a scream. But it's important to know that there is no blood or gore and that the violence is meant to be funny and more like an old-school cartoon.


There is a funny side to death in the world of Filthy Animals. When your character dies, you turn into a small ball, and you have to make your way to the toilet and be flushed to come back to life. This strange way of resurrecting dead characters adds dark humour to the game, making what could be a sad experience into a funny, goofy one. The lack of blood and gore in the game allows for a wild experience without being too graphic. This means that players can enjoy the chaos with a huge dose of laughter and amusement. There is the use of some light language such as "screw you" but there is no explicit language or swear words.



Filthy Animals will cost about $25 to $30 and this will give you full access to the game. There are no extra payments or downloadable content so once you've bought the initial game, you have everything you need. The game stands out as a cheap option for people who want a full package without having to buy anything else. This upfront pricing plan ensures that players can dive into the world of mutant criminals without worrying about hidden costs or microtransactions. This way, everyone can enjoy the chaos without spending too much money.


Filthy Animals shines in both solo play and coop play. Solo play is supposed to be fun because it lets people get into the game without any other people getting in the way. The creators know how important it is to give players a way to play alone, so they can explore the mutant-filled criminal world at their own pace. This ensures that players who prefer to play alone have a safe and fun time.


To improve safety during co-op play, the settings have set up an invite-only system for online multiplayer. This stops players from joining or looking for random partners, which lowers the chance of running into interactions they don't want. There is only voice chat enabled in the game, and text chat is not possible. However, if you don't want voice chat to be used throughout multiplayer, players can mute others in the lobby or while playing using the player menu. This gives them control over their online experience and makes the shared gaming environment safer and more fun. Please bear in mind that text chat can be used through other platforms like Steam so be wary of this.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to make the janky controls a bit easier, we would suggest playing with both controllers and then with a keyboard and mouse to see what feels better. Using a controller with analog sticks is generally more responsive and makes gameplay easier, however, everyone is different! Have a go with both and see what works better because it really helps to enjoy that game when you can actually control your character!


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