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Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact puts players in the beautiful open world of Teyvat, which is full of different cultures and landscapes. In addition to having beautiful graphics, the game smoothly blends exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving, making for a lively and interesting experience. This game is rated T for teens for teens as there is fantasy violence against other human-like characters, however, Genshin Impact usually keeps the story playful and focused on fantasy. Given that the game mechanics can be a bit difficult to pick up for players that are too young as there is a significant amount of learning and strategy required, we would suggest that players 12 and up would be a good place to start. Younger kids could manage to play around without too much concern but they really would struggle to understand the gameplay.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android. The best part is that you can play on your PC one day and then you can log onto your phone and pick up right where you left off as cross-play is available! The elemental mastery system in Genshin Impact adds a strategic layer by letting players use different elements to their tactical benefit while fighting enemies. With a captivating story and a cast of interesting people, Genshin Impact tells a story of magic and adventure. There is a 'Gacha' system that adds some excitement by giving players the chance to get new characters and weapons through a random draw. Genshin Impact features cultural diversity, a lively community, and regular updates. It takes players into a world where every find makes them want to learn more and explore.


Genshin Impact takes place in a beautiful open world where players can easily switch between characters who are drawn to different elements. The game is all about exploring. To find secret treasures, players climb mountains, fly through the air, and go into long, complicated dungeons. Combat happens in real-time and requires players to switch between characters strategically to take advantage of their weaknesses and deliver devastating combos. The elemental system is very important. Each character has a special elemental ability, and players are urged to try out different elemental reactions to find the best ones.

There are multiple different ways to enjoy the game for every type of player out there. Do you explore the different areas? Do you play the strategy card mini-game? Do you be the collector and try to get every character and item in the game? Do you build up your sandpit teapot house? Do you join your friends and fight bosses? Do you go through the various dungeons? WHAT DON'T YOU DO?! There's so much to choose from!

The only thing about this game is you will need a significant of knowledge and strategy to get through this game. It can take quite a while to get to know what is what and it was certainly overwhelming the first time we logged on to play. It would be very helpful to play the first couple of times with either someone who knows the game or take the time to research how everything works by reading through the tutorials. Once you get the hang of it, Genshin Impact's gameplay is otherwise a dynamic and always-evolving journey through the fantastical landscapes for many people to enjoy.


Genshin Impact isn't just about fighting, it also has a lot of puzzles and tasks that make you think deeply and figure out how to solve them. To move forward in the game, players often have to figure out signs, use logic, and be creative, all of which are good for brain development. The game also requires you to put together a team of characters, each with their own skills and traits. To win, players must come up with good team structures and tactics, which helps them learn more about synergy and tactical planning. The interesting part is that characters have different abilities and elements. Players need to understand these elements and see how they can work together rather than against each other. This also teaches kids the basics of chemistry as they see what happens when elements are mixed!

Genshin Impact is fantastic for learning about culture in an immersive way. Genshin Impact takes parts from many real-life cultures and uses them in its stories and world-building. As players dig deeper into the game's story, they can learn about different myths, folktales, and cultural references. This makes the game a great way to learn about different cultures. Genshin Impact is a unique way for players to learn or practice new languages. The game comes in many languages, so players can fully immerse themselves in their chosen language while having a great time on an epic journey. One awesome part is that you can change the voice-over and game language. So, the subtitles could be in Japanese but then you can the voices in English! What a creative way to learn a new language!

Violence/ Adult Themes

Genshin Impact has been given a Teen rating and the reason for this is that the game contains frequent depictions of non-realistic-looking violence towards human-like characters. While this may be the case, the violence is extremely low level. Characters do fight other people and creatures, but there is no blood or gore. When a character takes damage, simply damage numbers appear on the screen but nothing else. If a character loses their health, they simply disappear. The plot of the game is about exploring a colorful, anime-style world and using elemental magic on mythical creatures. While it has fantasy violence, which is something that many role-playing games have, it doesn't have intense or gory violence.

Throughout the gameplay, there are references to bars/taverns, and alcohol can be seen throughout the game, however, it's not a focus of the game at all and there is nothing inappropriate happening at these places (plus you can only buy specifically non-alcoholic drinks at the bar). The language is also pretty mild. Your character may say something like “Damn you” when they take a big hit or they are at low health, but that’s about as bad as it will get.

Some characters can have some revealing cleavage and suggestive outfits, and some male characters are shirtless, but there is certainly no explicit content throughout the game. The art style itself is so incredible and amazing that anything like this is looked over. Look at this design, it's INCREDIBLE!


Genshin Impact is free to play meaning that you can download the game and then play to your heart's content at no cost. Genshin Impact does, however, have optional in-game currencies and payments, as do many other free-to-play games. Genshin Impact has a number of in-game currencies such as:

1) Primogems - These a earned through gameplay, achievements, or bought with real-life money. They can be spent on wishes which is the “gacha” element of the game. Gatcha gaming is where a virtual currency is spent to take part in a randomized, often luck-based, draw or "gacha" system to obtain characters, items, or other in-game content.

2) Genisis Crystals – These can only be purchased using real-life money. With these crystals, you can buy items from the gift shop to get special items and character outfits.

3) Masterless Stardust - These are used to buy items and characters from the “Paimon’s Bargains” shop. Stardust can only be earned by using wishes (gacha element) and gaining an item with at least a 3-star rating. It cannot be bought with real-life money.

4) Masterless Starglitter – These are also used to buy items and characters in the “Paimon’s Bargains” shop but are for higher-rated items. They can also only be earned through each wish you make but only for items of at least 4-stars. It cannot be bought with real-life money.

5) Mora – this is the in-game ‘in-game’ currency that is earned throughout the game as you play. This is used only during the course of the game to obtain and upgrade items, gain ingredients, and are used throughout the storyline during the game.

There is also a battle pass system within Genshin Impact. This rewards you with special items, Primogems, level-up items, and more. There are two different battle pass options to choose from (one more expensive than the other) and they can only be purchased with real-life money. It is important to remember that while spending real money can make the game better by unlocking extra characters or items, it is not required to enjoy the game or move forward in the main story.

Wishes are the gacha element of the game where you can make a 'wish' to get a random chance to win weapons or characters. Usually, there are 4 different types of 'banners' available. The first two are the limited-time offer banners offer a higher chance to gain new or popular characters that rotate often so you need to get in while you can! The last two banners generally stay the same and offer a chance to win many weapons and characters throughout the game.


Genshin Impact can be played solo without any online presence making it a great game for kids to enjoy and explore in their own time. The game can also be played online with friends or random online players if they want to. This is a great way to help others level up or gain rare equipment. (It’s also a great way to gather resources you might have already gained in your world!) If you want to play with some friends, you will need to go into coop mode and you can from there either join someone or let others join you. The great thing about this is that you can select the different options to allow people to join with permission, without permission, or not at all giving you plenty of options. This is changeable at any time during the game.

If you are in a party with online players, or you have people added to your friends list, text chat will be available (there is no voice chat function in the game). Within the text chat, inappropriate language is automatically censored and there is no option to turn this off which is a bonus.

Tips and Tricks

When a new limited-time character is released, you don’t need to get them straight away before they are no longer in the gacha pack! In fact, you can specifically trial new characters for a limited time to see if you like them first before you commit to paying and seeing if you're lucky enough to roll them in the gacha system. If you’ve missed your chance to roll for the character you wanted, don’t worry! All characters are eventually repeated and you are able to roll for them a a later opportunity.



Dec 06, 2023

I was surprised by the teen rating, I think this game is actually really fun and totally fine for younger kids to play!


Dec 01, 2023

Genshin is one of my favourite games to chill out in! You definitely don't need to spend any money to have a good time and there's so much to do! 😍

Dec 06, 2023
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