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Lost in Random


Lost in Random is an amazing dark fantasy-themed game where everything depends on the roll of a dice… literally! This game can easily be enjoyed by children aged 10 and up, however, if they are mature and can handle scarier characters styled similar to a Tim Burton film, then this game could be enjoyed by younger children. Lost in Random is part of EA Originals but can also be downloaded on Steam and can be played on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. This game truly takes you through a world that is strange and fantastical where the story immerses players in a journey of strategic thinking and decision-making and focuses on resilience and… RANDOMNESS!



In the world of Lost in Random, players must help Odd find her sister Even who was taken away by the Evil Queen. In this world, there used to be dice warriors until the Evil Queen took over and separated the world into six areas. The Queen welds the only dice left in the world... until now! Players get to navigate through the six twisted realms of Random, each shrouded in its own maddening set of rules because why? BECAUSE RANDOM RULES (or so they say). This game will take you on a journey to aid not only Even, but also eccentric characters along the way in this unpredictable and captivating world.


The core gameplay of Lost in Random is based on chance and strategy. Not only do you follow along with the storyline, but you also have to fight off the Evil Queens’ minions in epic tactical dice battles. In the battles, you need to collect gems to power up your dice companion and then roll! Whatever number your dice lands on is the number of points you can spend on your cards which will help you defeat minions by providing your weapons or abilities. You can even buy more unique cards throughout the game and build your deck to personalize your preferred style or a winning strategy for each boss you come across.


Not only do you have the main storyline to enjoy, but Lost in Random also has plenty of mini-side quests to keep you busy. These mini-quests not only contribute to the overall storyline but offer helpful tutorials to make sure that players can seamlessly navigate the game mechanics and learn how to confidently play the game. And don’t worry, there is a super helpful tutorial at the beginning, so you know exactly how to play with no surprises (mostly).


Lost in Random will take around 16 to 18 hours to complete fully but the game does have a quick save feature. This means that players can leave and return to the game at their convenience without having to stay glued to the game all day. One awesome feature of the game is the amazing narration. A narrator describes your journey along the way and it really feels like you have someone looking out for you and joining you on this quest and adds such a wonderful element to the game. Overall, Lost in Random is a captivating blend of strategy, chance, and a compelling narrative, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking a unique and enchanting gaming journey that unfolds at the roll of the dice.



Lost in Random has a huge focus on strategic thinking. Because you are relying on the roll of a dice to determine what abilities and weapons you have access to, this game can really help kids learn how to think strategically and make good decisions in stressful or fast-paced situations. This kind of strategic planning not only helps people solve problems better but also makes them think about what will happen if they make certain decisions. The game gives players a safe and engaging way to practice and improve their strategic thinking skills, making it a fun way to improve cognitive skills.


One of the more hidden learning points of Lost in Random is that it is a great educational tool to teach the idea of resilience and the chance to grow. The story follows the main character, who has to deal with problems and difficulties along the way. She literally starts at the bottom of society and has to climb through the ranks herself to save her sister. Players learn how important it is to keep going even when things get hard by actually experiencing victories over problems. The main theme of the game is randomness and unpredictability, which shows that people can control their own lives by making smart choices even if the odds are against them. This reinforces the idea that anyone can strive for greatness, even when life is unsure. Lost in Random is a great way to teach kids about being resilient, thinking strategically, and striving for greatness. The game's positive reinforcement and variety of characters make it even more educational.


Violence/ Adult Themes

Lost in Random has a very unique cartoonish style that is very similar to a Tim Burton-styled movie. This style and the darker music tones create a mood that can be both charming and creepy. There is one character specifically called the “Shadow Man” which can be quite scary for some people. When it comes to adult themes, there are references to alcohol and a bar, but your character does not drink or have much to do there. Some characters may say inappropriate words like “badass”, “murdered” and some other minor offensive words.

There are combat elements in the game so you will be shooting characters with a slingshot or bow, hitting them with a hammer or sword, and even throwing bombs at characters. Even though there are battles and weapons throughout the game, there isn't any blood or any graphic content to be concerned about. When a character dies, they simply disappear, nothing graphic at all. The general tone and themes of Lost in Random are meant for an older audience so parents should be aware that if they have a child who is sensitive to these things or younger than 10 years old they may want to check to see if the game fits with their comfort levels first.




Lost in Random costs around $40 for the full game so you don’t have to buy anything else after you get it. It’s great because the people who made the game want you to be able to enjoy the whole story without any breaks or extra costs. That means that when you get Lost in Random, you can play the whole game right away!



Lost in Random is a great choice for parents who want to give their kids a safe and fun video game. One great thing about the game is that it is a solo-player adventure, and cannot be played online or cooperatively with friends or randoms. Parents can rest easy knowing that their kids are playing in a safe and controlled area. The lack of online play not only makes the game safer but also lets kids get lost in the game's world without having to worry about possible internet dangers. The offline adventure in Lost in Random is fun and safe, making it a good choice for families who want to give their kids a worry-free game experience.

Tips and Tricks

Lost in Random has a difficult setting in the settings menu! So, whether you want to tackle the game at “Normal (Dice Wielder)”, the default level, which offers strategic thrills in a fair and challenging journey, or play in “Easy (Story Mode)” a more relaxed and emphasizes storytelling, the choice is yours! This difficulty slider is on the Pause Menu after loading into current gameplay. It lets players easily choose between the two settings based on skill and preference.


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