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Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves is your chance to live your life as an infamous pirate of the seas. Players can sail in their ship and choose how their sail goes. Every sail is different making it the perfect escape from reality while experiencing new tales and battles. You play as your own personalized pirate either on your own or up to 3 friends. From there the choice is yours to make what your adventure entails. Do you join one of the notable factions and gain reputation and gold? Do you take on a ‘Tall Tale’ and go through the story mode to find the infamous Shores of Gold? Do you help Jack Sparrow ? Or, do you sail around the open world and take on enemy ships in a battle to the death! Sea of Thieves really has it all and has a lot to offer. We understand the traditional rating of Teen Sea of Thieves has been given because of the aggressive and chaotic nature of the game, and the common voice chat between players, however, we would suggests that players 10 and up can manage the game if you disable the chat features. Even younger players would manage if parents were able to play along side or supervise.

Given that you are pirates, there is as would be expected a combat system. Characters will hold swords and different types of guns to combat and can even participate in ship battles using cannons and fire bombs. While this may sound graphic, the game is done in a cartoonish style so the violence is minimal with no blood shed. Enemies can include other online players (offline is not available) or enemy skeletons and ghosts who will try to defeat you! Sea of Thieves can be played on Xbox One or PC and has an initial cost to play the game but then you are good to go!


You all start as fresh pirates in the Sea of Thieves. You control your story! Every time you log into the game you start from the beginning so each game is a new start and trust me you never know what you are going to experience. Often, we would have an idea of what we wanted to do and then the next minute we never even started we were so distracted! You need AT LEAST a good 30 minutes to play this game each time. I’m sad (but not sad at all) to admit that I have sometimes played this game for over 6 hours straight with friends and had the absolute best time.

The gameplay is incredible, it is challenging and exciting and an overall good laugh. The scenery is also incredible and I love that the developers have included a big backstory into the game. This keeps you interested in the game as new enemies and places pop up and you get to help follow the story.

The combat system is ever so fun! The ship battles are intense and exhilarating when you’re having to repair your ship but then reload the cannons while stopping the enemy from boarding your boat! The story quests are also very fun as you try to decode the riddles to find the treasure and get to the illusive Shores of Gold! If fighting is not your thing, you can chill out and do some fishing quests! There really is something for everyone in Sea of Thieves!


If your kid is interested about learning about pirates, oo boy this is the game for them! Sea of Thieves is a truly an immersive experience where players can feel like they are a pirate living in their own fantasy world. Apart from this, the game manages to incorporate a surprising amount of educational benefits.

The game is all about strategy. Whether its ship battling, fighting enemy skeletons or versing hoards of mermaids or even the kraken! There are always sticky situations that you accidentally end up in that you have to work to get out of. Also, there is lot of problem solving in different forms throughout the game. One of the most popular quests is treasure hunting. Players will receive a map and you will have to find the island and the location to dig up the treasure. As well as in the story tales, players will be given books to interpret and solve the riddles to find the quest items to move forward.

Because the game is also open world (meaning you roam around a big virtual world without a specific path), players must use maps and compasses to find their way around the seas. This can help kids become more aware of their surroundings, read maps better, and learn basic geography.

Violence/ Adult Themes

The art style of the game is cartoonish, but there are violent actions throughout the game. Players will attack enemies with either swords, guns, cannonballs, firebombs and explosive barrels. That can be quite a lot. However, there is no gore, no visuals and no blood. When a skeleton dies, their bones just quickly disintegrate, you can barely notice it. If a human character dies, they will drop to their knees and there soul will become ghost like a float away. This will then lead you to the Ferry of the Damned where you can come back to you ship.

There are some scarier themes with enemies being skeletons and ghosts running around. Some of these ghosts and skeletons can talk also which might upset younger players. There is also a faction called the ‘Reapers’ who are run by the skeletons where you gain reputation by hunting down and killing other players. The game also contains sea monsters such as Megalodons and Krakens which can take you by surprise and could be considered frightful for younger audiences.

Players can have some revealing clothing, however, the important parts remain covered at all times. You will need to be aware that players can also chug ‘grogs’ which basically appears to be alcoholic. Players will chug this and the screen will begin to sway simulating a drunk affect. This will then also cause the player to vomit. If you vomit near a person, it's likely your screen will look like this ...


To play Sea of Thieves, you will need to commit to a one off payment to buy the game. From here the game is fully unlocked and playable. The game does include customizations for you characters and your ship. These can be purchased throughout the game using both in game currency earned through gameplay and real-life money (you can even buy yourself pets!). It is important to note that while the customizations are cool, they do not give advantages to players in the game. However, some sails can give some benefits for example if the sail is shaped to allow more vision.

Sea of Thieves has 3 different types of currency:

1) Gold- This is the main currency in Sea of Thieves. It can be used to buy almost every item in the normal game play. The main ways to get gold are to sell Treasure to Trading Companies and completing Tall Tales.

2) Doubloons- Doubloons are generally earned by doing Commendations. These are special challenges for people to try achieve. You can spend your Doubloons at the Black Market run near the Tavern for special items or upgrades.

3) Ancient currency- Ancient Coins are a type of currency that can only be spent at the Pirate Emporium. Ancient Coins can be gained either by buying with real life money, defeating random rare Ancient Skeletons found in game or as a reward for your Renown Level during any Season. Renown also includes a Battle pass system (known as the Plunder Pass) where you can earn lots of items through leveling and gameplay. If you are prepared to spend some money to unlock the full Battle Pass through paying with real life money, you can then earn extra special items.


Sea of Thieves is only able to be played online. This means that players will be versing other real life players and voice and text chat is available throughout the game. While there are options to disable all text and voice chats, communication is key to a successful voyage. However, if you are concerned, the game can be played solo and all text and voice settings can be disabled in the other crewmates options and you can solo in closed crew ship meaning random online players cannot join the crew.

Tips and Tricks

When you first log into Sea of Thieves, you will get to choose between a number of premade characters varying in gender and looks. You can scroll through as many as you like but you cannot create your own. It is really important that your child likes the look of their person because if they want to change their look they can only do so buy spending real life money. So makes sure they are happy the first time around so you don't end up spending your money!


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