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Effective Date: 31 January 2024


Welcome to Game on Gee Gee! Your source for video game reviews, recommendations, and blogs. While we strive to provide accurate and insightful information to assist parents and caregivers in making informed decisions about the video games their children play, it's important to note the following:

1. Subjectivity of Opinions: Our reviews and blogs are based on the subjective opinions of our writers. What may be suitable for one family and their children may not be suitable for another. We encourage parents and caregivers to consider their own values and the individual sensitivities of their children when using our reviews and blogs as a guide.

2. Varied Content: Video games come in various genres and themes, and our reviews cover a wide spectrum. We make an effort to highlight any potentially objectionable content, such as violence, language, or mature themes, but parental discretion is strongly advised. It's recommended that parents do their own research on different ratings and descriptors for each game to ensure that they are fully informed. Please be aware that some video game content and ratings may also vary by region. 


3. Changing Content and Updates: Video games often receive updates and additional content even after their initial release. While we strive to keep our reviews updated, it's essential for parents to stay informed about any changes in a game's content that may occur post-review.

4. Individual Sensitivities: Children have different sensitivities and maturity levels. What might be suitable for one child may not be appropriate for another child. It's recommended that parents and caregivers play an active role in understanding their child's individual needs and preferences.

5. Gaming Image Content: All gameplay screenshots and materials featured on our platform are original and sourced from our own gaming experiences. We take pride in creating and curating content that reflects our unique perspective and engagement with the games we play. It's important to note that the images and content used from the respective games are from the games themselves, and we do not own the rights to these materials. They remain the property of their respective copyright holders, typically the game developers or publishers. While our content is produced with the utmost respect for intellectual property, we acknowledge that the images are not our property, and we strive to comply with all relevant copyright laws and terms of service.

6. Safety Videos: The safety videos are based on opinions and general information. We do not guarantee the effectiveness of the safety measures discussed. Video game settings can change, and the information may not always be up-to-date. Viewers are advised to use their discretion and verify the latest game settings independently. The content is for informational purposes only, and the creators do not assume liability for any actions taken based on the information provided.

By using Game on Gee Gee, you acknowledge that our reviews and blogs are provided for informational purposes only and that the ultimate decision to allow your child to play a particular game rests with you, the parent or guardian. We strongly advise parents to be actively involved in their children's gaming experiences and to regularly check and adjust settings to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.

Thank you for choosing Game on Gee Gee as a resource for navigating the world of video games for your family.

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