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Our Story

From Gee Gee

and Dorian

Game on Gee Gee

Hi everyone! I have been involved with video gaming since I was 3 years old and I have a passion for all things gaming. What started my love of gaming? I refused to read books… My mum had the idea to put me on video games to teach me how to read and I have never gone back!

Since then, my obsession with video games began. As I got older, I focused on my studies and graduated from university with a law degree and a finance degree. From here I began my career as a lawyer specializing in domestic violence and custody of children cases. Being in a stressful career, gaming was the perfect outlet for me to escape the stresses of work and prepare me for the next day by putting me in a good, clear head space.


So where did the idea of Game on Gee Gee come from? Well, when I was at work one day, my work colleague asked me what my thoughts were on some child-friendly games for her two beautiful daughters. After a long discussion, I thought I better double-check the actual age ratings for these games I just suggested. From there, I found it really difficult to get any reliable information on child-friendly games, or any games for that matter. I started to think a lot about how parents don't really know what their kids are playing or if the games are even good for them. And so began the journey of Game on Gee Gee!  


Overall, I am so grateful for what gaming has brought into my life and given me over the years. I want to ensure that other children have the same opportunity to learn through gaming as I did.

Thank you, everyone, for your love and support, enjoy Game on Gee Gee!

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